My work seems easy, I know: I get to talk to clients, transform their ideas into tasks for my team and make sure we deliver things on time and in budget. I assure you it is much complicated than that (other project managers will definitely agree on this) ūüôā – talking to clients turns into consultancy, guidance and lots of meetings, managing the tasks of various team members can be quite complex for large project and involves good communication and leadership, and delivering on time and in budget keeps you awake at night. Nevertheless, I love the adrenaline rush!


But as much as I enjoy the process of creating things, the project journey, it is the end result that actually matters to the client. So here’s a list of cool projects I’ve managed at Okapi:

Web & Mobile Apps:

  • ClassOwl (organizer tool for students) – wireframes, design & development for¬†web app and iPhone app; design & development for presentation website (#Ember, #PHP, #iOS)
  • PortaPoet iPhone & iPad app (tool for creating rhymes) – wireframes, logo, design¬†for app; design & development for¬†presentation website (#iOS)
  • Cloud Market web app (buy & sell via Twitter) – wireframes, design, development (#PHP) for the prototype and for the final version
  • CharmRoom web app (online makeup tips) – design¬†& development (#Ruby)
  • WhereInFair web app¬†(networking tool for exhibitors) – wireframes, logo, design, development (only front-end)
  • Tangomeet web app – wireframes, design, development (#PHP)
  • Farmgirl Flowers e-commerce (online shop) – wireframes, design & development for¬†shop & administration console (#PHP)
  • Lifedrops iOS app (record video interviews) – wireframes, design & development¬†(#iOS)
  • Future Finance web app (student loans) – wireframes, design & development for online forms and¬†administration console (#Ruby)

Presentation websites (WordPress based or simple HTML/CSS):

  • Tim Flood‘s blog (Consultant in Technology and Innovation at Stanfort University, US) – wireframes, logo, design, illustrations, infograph (work experience timeline), development (front & back-end, WordPress based)
  • ThinkNear website (mobile advertising company) – responsive design & development (front-end)
  • How To Web Conference, Bucharest, Romania – key visual, design, development (front & back-end, WordPress based)
  • Richard Newton‘s website & blog (writer & consultant) – wireframes, logo, design, development (front-end), blog customization (WordPress based)
  • Dynasoft presentation website (Business Intelligence Migration company), WordPress based
  • Patricia Cornwell‘s website (writer) – creative ideas, wireframes, design, photo collage, development (Flash – even if we advised against it), Facebook application
  • Operation Gratitude blog & MarchToAMillion page (NGO)- wireframes, logo, design, development (front & back-end, WordPress based)
  • BancBox & BancBox Crowd websites (payment services) – design & development (front-end)
  • ValleyWealth website (financial investments) – wireframes, design, development (front & back-end, WordPress based)
  • Shaa Wasmund‘s website & blog (writer) – wireframes, design, front and back-end development (WordPress based)
  • O’Dara Avenue¬†website (African fashion) – wireframes, design, front and back-end development (WordPress based)
  • CampusQuad¬†website (mobile app for students) – wireframes, design, front-end development
  • TheCarreraAgency¬†website (talent management) – wireframes, design,front and back-end development (WordPress based)


  • Stanford infograph (olympic medals)¬†– concept, illustrations, design
  • Avira Antivirus¬†video¬†(new product launch) – story, concept, illustrations, animations
  • Avira Antivirus Facebook application – concept, user flow, wireframes, design, illustrations, front and back-end development
  • Animated videos for WWF – the Danube Delta campaign


P.S.: Some of these website might have changed since we’ve build them (that’s why I did not provide any links), so for Case Studies or other references, just write me an email. Thanks!


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