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More TOC

I was so excited after reading Goldratt's second book, Critical Chain, that I wrote the blog post below. It's still actual, I still stand by what I said… But after the difficulties I encountered in my latest project when trying to apply some TOC principles, I felt the need to emphasize the fact that theory … Continue reading More TOC


New Presentation for Young Entrepreneurs

I had the pleasure of speaking again at a tech event for young entrepreneurs, called Start Me Up - organised by Akcees, together with my colleague Paul. I am happy to see that Romanian students are starting to think more globally and are more pro-active! The phrase "I don't want to get lost in some huge … Continue reading New Presentation for Young Entrepreneurs

Show me the money!

I read this great book, called The Goal, by E.M.Goldratt. It's a business book, but written like a novel, which makes it really easy to read…and learn! I totally recommend it. It opened my eyes to the fact that for most businesses, the goal itself is to make money (yes, besides making the world a better … Continue reading Show me the money!