Thanks for Sharing (your knowledge)

Happy 2014!…and welcome back online, after a long (and well deserved winter break). It was so great being away from my computer, even for a little while. I focused on reading Monocle’s December issue, and almost finalizing “The power of habit”, spending time with my friends & family, and of course, making a list of “to dos” for the new year to come.

But before moving to new, greater things, I wanted to take a small step back and give some thanks to all the great people out there sharing their knowledge about PM, Digital, Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

many thanks

I think being a project manager can be really tough, and it’s refreshing to read about the same problems you’re experiencing, get a piece of advice, or laugh at similar situations. By helping each other we’re helping our clients create better digital products and services. To quote OkapiStudio’s philosophy: “[…] believe in the quality of the design and helpfulness of the technology, in things build to last and to have a positive influence on people lives.”


So let’s stick together and continue sharing!

I loved Scott’s blog post about “When is something worth teaching” – which I think summarizes this perfectly: “It’s only through writing and speaking that you’ll improve your thinking and invite feedback from other people.”

Looking forward to reading more great stuff from all of us in 2014!


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