Kudos to Norway & Denmark

I was reading the latest edition of the Monocle magazine, and a very nice article caught my eye. Not the one about Romania (which is very well written by the way 🙂 ), but one about the Technological Advances of Denmark and Norway.


It’s amazing to see their Government’s awareness of the increasing importance of tech, that led to financing the Silicon Valley Innovation Houses. Everyone who thinks of succeeding in the US, in the heart of SV, is put down by so many constraints: visas, working space, network, money, advise. But what these small (patriotic) communities are trying to achieve is breaking down these barriers.

It’s sad to compare this with our lack of nationalism. For Romanians is the other way around – we try to avoid each other when abroad! And the Government…let’s just say that they are too busy spending the budget for their own needs, or increasing taxes and changing laws over night. And it’s a pity, because we do have some amazing designers, developers and product people around here.

Anyway, let’s not get all depressed, it’s the holiday season :). On the bright side, there are some Romanian companies that had a huge success in SV without any help, like Brainient or uberVU. I’m just saying that there could be more of us out there, with a little support. We should all follow the Norway & Denmark example.


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