No more “I don’t wanna”

When I was younger I was reading all those articles and books that kept shouting at me: “Go find your passion!”, “Start doing the things you love!”, “When you have the perfect job you love Mondays!”, “Follow your dream!”…and I was so frustrated because I had no idea what my passion was. Sure, I like doing a lot of things, but which one to choose…and probably for the rest of my life?!

manifestoGrowing up I found out that they were quite right, all your passions combined lead you in a direction that does seem right… Even if your passion is computer science and image processing, and after 1 year is business strategy and marketing…they might lead someday to Web Project Management :).

But what all those books and motivational quotes forgot to mention is that no job is perfect, even the one you love and wake up excited about. We all have moments when stress defeats passion, when we “just don’t wanna do it” and we want to run away and find the next perfect job…like it wouldn’t be all the same again, but in a different place.

The new books I’m reading now tend to be more realistic. They actually say “sometimes you have to do what you don’t like to do, to be successful” or “find a daily routine to cope better with the stress that eats away your passion”.

I love the new book from “Manage your day to day”, especially when Seth Godin says: “I do my work here, now, like this, even when I do not feel like it, and especially when I do not feel like it. Because lots and lots of people are creative when they feel like it, but you are only going to become a professional if you do it when you don’t feel like it. And that emotional waiver is why this is your work and not your hobby.”

I don’t know if it’s age or experience, but honestly, I relate to these new ways of thinking more. Maybe youth is the time to dream big and follow all your crazy ideas, in complete freedom, while maturity means being reliable and providing for your family, while still dreaming big and following your crazy ideas. Who knows?


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